Launch of the Eldernauts!

Our pal, Ed Cullen, says “while I do not envy you the year of travel, I confess to being a little excited at the prospect of your imminent launch, like the first co-ed eldernauts sitting atop an Atlas 5 pointed in a long arcing shot over the Atlantic.”  Could be a little too much coffee for Ed, but we could not agree more on the excitement factor.

Today is the day we (finally!) leave the country

Our schedule today included a 1:26 p.m. flight out of Atlanta arriving Boston at 4:03 p.m., followed by a pretty long layover with our flight on Azores Airlines leaving at 9:20 p.m.  NOT SO FAST! On the way to the Atlanta airport on MARTA, we received the decidedly un-welcome news that our Azores Airlines flight had been delayed nearly five hours to 2:05 a.mSheesh!  I can’t remember the last time I was up that late. Our concern had been that something might have gone wrong getting from Atlanta to Boston, thus missing the Azores flight. That part went off perfectly. So, we will have about 10 hours total in the Boston airport. At least we received a pass to the Air France business lounge, a comfortable place to pass the hours. And they have some nice French wine, of course.

In other news, what a lovely weekend in Atlanta!

We have had such a nice long weekend in Atlanta seeing friends and my daughter, son, and daughter-in-law. After the hectic days of getting ready to depart Baton Rouge, the peace and calm have been a lovely change. In addition, we were treated to Atlanta’s spring blooms: azaleas, red bud, and dogwood.  Beautiful!

On Friday night my good friend and running partner of many years, Jim King, treated us to a sumptuous dinner at Tiny Lou’s, a new upscale restaurant in the historic Clermont Hotel near downtown.  The Clermont fell into disrepair for decades and was recently renovated into a stylish boutique hotel.  The restaurant is named after a World War II German burlesque dancer, Tiny Lou, who is famous for refusing to dance for Hitler.  She eventually made her way from Germany to Atlanta and was a dancer at the Clermont in its heyday.  They have a very nice rooftop bar with a splendid view of the Atlanta skyline that we took a peek at after dinner.

Mary, Jim, John, and I on the rooftop of Tiny Lou’s

On Saturday morning we met my friend and long-time Stone Mountain hiking buddy, Elizabeth Parsons, at Stone Mountain to hike the 5.5-mile long Cherokee Trail which winds around the perimeter of the Mountain.  Stone Mountain is currently in the middle of a controversy over its carving of Confederate generals, yet I still find the Cherokee trail to be a reliably beautiful and peaceful hike.  It’s one that Elizabeth and I used to hike together, generally once a week, when I lived here.  She is in the midst of working through plans for a move to Seattle, so her life is currently as unsettled as mine, maybe moreso.  It was great to see each other again and catch up.

Stone Mountain – most people never see the beautiful back side of the mountain

Last night we had dinner with old friends Deb and Michael Robinson. We took a twenty-minute walk in the beautiful Virginia Highlands, where Deb and Michael have lived for years, to have a nice dinner at an old favorite restaurant, Murphy’s. Mary, Chris, and Morgan joined us.

Deb and I worked together a number of years ago, and we subscribed to Georgia Shakespeare Festival together during the summers for close to twenty years.  We usually see them when we are in town and it’s always a fun time.

Next time I post we will, with any luck, be on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores! Until then.

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